One on One

One on One Consultation.

One on one classes offer a personal approach to obedience training.

One on one classes are conducted over 6 weeks in the privacy and low-distraction environment of your home so the whole family can be involved in the process; this is great for shy dogs, or dogs that are just sooo excited around other new dogs they find concentrating hard!

The one-hour classes cover the skills your dog needs to learn to navigate life with humans successfully:  Sit, Stand, Down, Come when Called, Stay and loose leash walking.  The one on one classes also give you, the client, more scope to seek training for specific behaviours you’d like addressed.

One on one classes are available by appointment from 9:00am to 6:00pm, Monday or Wednesday to Saturday.

In Bathurst and beyond – call today for more information. One on One classes held beyond 20km of Bathurst CBD may incur a small travel charge.

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