Further Training

Advanced Training Program

Take your training further with the Best Paw Forward Advanced Obedience Program

if you want to take your training further, Best Paw Forward offers an Advanced Training Program on Saturday afternoons.

This program of six one-hour sessions over six weeks, is available to all graduates of the Best Paw Forward Basic Obedience course.

The Advanced Obedience program will:

  • build on your communication skills with your dog
  • continue building willingness in your dog to walk on a loose lead
  • fine-tune your dog’s recall
  • build on your dog’s self-control when asked to hold position, with distractions
  • introduce your dog to temporary boundary training
  • teach a basic retrieve and surrender of items on request.

Saturday Social Group Training

Enjoy keeping your dog’s skills up-to-date through a no-pressure group session

For those whose dogs have basic obedience skills and enjoy the company of other dogs, the Saturday Social group training may be the option you’re looking for. This one-hour session takes dogs through basic obedience skills, obedience-based games and some basic doggie workouts in a no-pressure environment to keep your dog physically supple, mentally stimulated and happy through activities with you!

This session is open for participants to come and go as they’re able, without the formal skill progression of other Best Paw Forward courses.

Group numbers limited to six dogs per session . Bookings essential.

Relax with friends during a Best Paw Forward Saturday Social session