Best Paw Forward offers 8-week group classes, or 6-week at-home programs – both for puppies and older dogs – for individual clients.

Best Paw Forward is dedicated to helping you build a relationship with your dog that helps them make the choices you’d like to see for behaviour that makes them a good family member and all-round canine citizen.

All classes comply with COVID-19 regulatory requirements.

Individual programs are also available upon request; please contact Ingrid for your training needs, either with the Puppy Program or a program tailored for your growing or adult dog, by phone or email.

Help your best friend learn to put their best paw forward

group and individual training sessions

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Obedience Classes

Why bring Your Best Friend to Best Paw Forward?

If you’ve just finished Puppy Pre-School and wondering where to next for you and your dog, or you just want your dog to learn good manners and haven’t been able to get him (or her!) to some classes yet, bringing your dog to Best Paw Forward will help your dog to put its best paw forward into the future with you by:

  • Building on the skills it’s already learned at puppy pre-school, and mastering the basics for those who haven’t been able to learn them yet
  • Learning more advanced heeling skills to make walks together a pleasure
  • Teaching reliable recalls
  • Relax around other dogs through group classes
  • Helping you and your dog to enjoy learning through play

This is only possible, of course, with your daily commitment to working with your dog to build its good manners and skills.

A few minutes of training, a few times a day, doesn’t take long and quickly becomes something you both look forward to– it can be a lot of fun!

In small class sizes, you and your dog receive personalised attention with professional and supportive tuition, and your dog is encouraged to enjoy learning without feeling overwhelmed.

Our lives are full of commitments. If you can’t make the classes on the day and times they’re offered, your best friend can learn how to put its best paw forward at home with the family.  Additional fees apply to home-schooling.

Obedience classes are offered through an 8-week course.

What will your dog learn?

Your dog will learn the joy of sit and stay with Best Paw Forward Bathurst
Your dog will learn the joy of sit and stay with Best Paw Forward Bathurst
Your dog can lie down when asked and just relax
Your dog can lie down when asked and just relax – Best Paw Forward Bathurst
Your dog will enjoy the benefits of learning to walk on a loose leash! Best Paw Forward
Your dog will enjoy the benefits of learning to walk on a loose leash!
Teach your dog to come back to you when called - Best Paw Forward Bathurst
Teach your dog to come back to you when called
Your dog will learn to give a paw - Best Paw Forward Bathurst
Your dog will learn to give a paw

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Group Classes

All group classes are held in Bathurst, NSW.

Class Times

Sunday (all year):    9:30am – 10:30am

What To Bring to Class

Leash (soft cotton webbed or leather is best)
Waste disposal bags
Treats to reward your dog for its good work! – devon, cabanossi or hard cheese all work well. Cut them into small sizes so they’re easy to swallow.

You must provide a current certificate of immunisation for your dog prior to commencing classes.

Please also confirm that you are fully vaccinated  against COVID, both for your own protection and those of fellow class participants.

Classroom Rules

  • Your dog relies on you to keep it happy and safe – you are responsible for ensuring your dog is under your control at all times.
  • All dogs must be kept on-leash at all times.
  • Give your dog time to get used to the other dogs in the class. It can be exciting / scary / aggravating for dogs to suddenly be in a group of dogs they don’t know, and they can misunderstand each other’s intentions.  Let them have some space first so they’re settled enough to make friends up close.
  • Your dog must be vaccinated to attend classes. A dog that has not had its annual vaccination is a health risk to other dogs, and is more likely to pick up an illness or disease itself. Let’s keep your dog healthy and happy!
  • If you have an unspayed female dog and she’s in season, please keep her at home. You’re very welcome to pick up classes again afterwards.

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One on One

One on One Consultation.

One on one classes offer a personal approach to obedience training.

One on one classes are conducted over 6 weeks in the privacy and low-distraction environment of your home so the whole family can be involved in the process; this is great for shy dogs, or dogs that are just sooo excited around other new dogs they find concentrating hard!

The one-hour classes cover the skills your dog needs to learn to navigate life with humans successfully:  Sit, Stand, Down, Come when Called, Stay and loose leash walking.  The one on one classes also give you, the client, more scope to seek training for specific behaviours you’d like addressed.

One on one classes are available by appointment from 9:00am to 6:00pm, Monday or Wednesday to Saturday.

In Bathurst and beyond – call today for more information. One on One classes held beyond 20km of Bathurst CBD may incur a small travel charge.

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